The Bands


When you write a song and bring it into the rehearsal space what you ultimately hear is a synthesis of the musical concepts you are exploring and the musicians you are working with.  No two groups of musicians interpret musical ideas in the same way or sound the same.  A band is the sum of its parts.  And just like when we write a new song, the band we are in is always the most compelling and interesting band, at the time.

The majority of songs that we wrote and collaborated on were written for three bands over the course of 14 very exciting, fruitful years.

The Rings, Bamboo Gang, and The Wickermen.


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Bamboo Gang promo photo The Wickermen promo photo The Rings music video at the Rat


All photographs on this page by Shelburne Thurber

All Photos on this page photgraphed by Shelburne Thurber